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Get a free, early copy of my ebook The Machine Detective in exchange for an early, honest review. If you’re a lover of thrillers and stories with a Noir Detective flair, please feel free to fill out the form below. The themes are on fallout, relationships, and detective work, but if you love Science Fiction, it’s in a Blade Runner type of Tampa Bay.

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A man who fights for synthetic rights. A quarter-million-credit bounty. When the tables turn, can he endure life on the run?

NU-USA, 2125. Dhata Mays’s anger is primed to erupt. When an old friend on the force clues him in to a mysterious murder gone cold, the mercenary sleuth allows his obsession to take control. But no sooner does he dive into the details of the case than he barely survives an ambush by unknown assassins.

Too bitter about the murder to back off, the cynical detective ignores the price on his head and pursues the organization he’s certain is responsible. But when he discovers that he has more than one adversary from the past, he may find nowhere in the world is safe.

Will Dhata’s fixation on justice get him permanently deleted?

The Machine Detective is the tense fourth book in The Synth Crisis techno-thriller series.

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