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Get a free, early copy of my ebook The Unsung Frame in exchange for an early, honest review. If you’re a lover of thrillers and stories with a Noir Detective flair, please feel free to fill out the form below. The themes are on fallout, relationships, and detective work, but if you love Science Fiction, it’s in a Blade Runner type of Tampa Bay.

Cover Art:

Note: being an ARC reviewer means that you will be asked to review The Unsung Frame on upon completing the story.

The Unsung Frame will be available for sale in eBook format by July 24th, 2017.


A war between humans and synthetics…

In a futuristic Tampa Bay, skiptracer Dhata Mays and his sidekick, Lur Diaz, are on a job investigating a cheating lowlife. But after a deadly explosion and the woman who hired them disappears, nobody is safe. Suddenly, everyone is under suspicion, and the police are no longer there “to serve and to protect.”

Now, it’s up to Dhata to take matters into his own hands and uncover a deep-rooted plot to escalate the tension between the humans and synths. He must stop the battle before it’s too late. But is the truth too big for a small-time skiptracer to handle alone?

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