And Then All Was Lost

Knights And Demons - Episode IV

And Then All Was Lost

Alysia Knight, Turevila with immense power, wakes up to a future where she must defeat a giant demon beast to save her family and friends from dying. As the new wielder of the Twilight Sword, will speed and sword skill be enough to take down a seasoned veteran of the dark realm of Yalem?

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She kicked her legs and wiggled against his hold, but the creature had her locked in his grip. She reached for her sword, but he rolled mid-air, caught her arms and then tossed her away, flying off so that she could plummet to her death. Alysia felt the panic as she started to fall, but pulled the Twilight Sword free and flattened herself out, confident that Chaos would not allow her to die so easily.

The creature banked, and flew at Alysia with tremendous speed; he wanted to make sure she would die before hitting the ground. She timed him and brought the tip of the sword to meet him, and then when it struck, she ripped it to one side, and then swung it to the other. The creature screamed out in pain and then grabbed her by the waist. His grip was so sudden and powerful that she could feel her ribs breaking from his clutch. He rammed her into the side of a tall building, and then spun her and threw her through the window of another.

The pain was so intense, it was blinding, and as Alysia lay against a desk in what used to be an office, bleeding from every orifice in her body, she thought about what it would mean for her to fail. Across the world, numerous warriors like herself were empowered to take on the lost demons. Chaos had told her as much when she was with him. He would convert as many tough, human girls as he could find to remove the lost, but she had something they didn’t have. She had the fabled Twilight Sword. She used the sheath to climb to her feet and then hobbled over to the broken glass where she could see the demon flying around. It was throwing more debris at her friends, who fought back like heroes, dodging its projectiles and shooting up at it.

She thought about the period that had passed, of people in the bunker she had gotten to know. Were they still living there after all of these years, or was humanity all but lost, bunkers cleaned out to join the demon army? The wounds from the attack were slowly healing as she stood there in deep thought, and the sword pulsed, speeding it up as the energy returned to her limbs.

It was at that moment when disaster struck. Jasmine cut the creature when it flew too low, trying to snatch up Isobel. She lost her sword when she did, as it lodged inside the shoulder of his armor. So she decided to jump aboard on another flyby and the creature took her up into the sky in the same way that it did Alysia.

When it came back down she was missing, and Alysia panicked. She wished that part of her demon gift had given her wings. Where did it take Jasmine? She wondered when it came back hurling rocks, but after a few minutes she saw the broken body of the girl on top of one of the buildings. Her sword was next to her—she had managed to pull it free—and Alysia wiped her tears as she looked out at her helplessly, wondering how she could reach her to help her heal from her fall.

She took off down the stairs of the building to reach the floor. This time when I cut, it will die, she said to herself, and willed her limbs to heal faster as she made her way to the bottom.

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