And Then There Was Hope

Knights And Demons - Episode V

And Then There Was Hope

Alysia Knight, chosen warrior of the Turevila must defeat six demons in order to save the world. As she reflects on the task at hand, a frightening realization hits home. She has a new sword and new armor that will allow her to stand toe to toe with these creatures that have desecrated the earth. But –  will these tools be enough to obliterate the darkness and save her friends and family from being washed away in the purge?

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The company of survivors slept soundly and stiffly on their tarps while Jaime, who had taken first watch, paced the rooms, peeking outside of the windows periodically to make sure nothing approached them. He thought about what Tracy had said to set Koko off and it upset him. He walked over to where everyone slept and saw that she was sleeping next to James, securely protected by his big arms and positioning.

Even if he wanted to wake her to confront her, he would have a gun in his face as soon as he got close enough to be a threat. Jaime had learned a while back that James Knight slept with one eye open and his mind barely in and out of consciousness. He didn’t know if it was due to him being a light sleeper or if it was something learned as a Navy Seal. All he knew was that it was a frightening addition to the big man’s already frightening demeanor. The sad thing was that it added to Tracy’s bravado, and she was already cocky as it was.

He shook his head and walked past their bodies, observing the unique quirks they all had. Koko lay with her sword unsheathed, though she slept so deeply it didn’t matter at all. Isobel, whose entire being seemed to be about staying cute, curled up like a cat in the corner, and Jasmine snored loudly, which contradicted everything assumed when he first met her.

Are we the last of the living in the world? he thought. Wouldn’t that be something if we were?

Jaime walked out of the room and into one of the outer areas of the barracks. He shifted the tarp to the side and peered out. A dark tree line was visible, silhouetted beneath the moonlight, but there was nothing else. He wanted to sit down and relax, but experience told him that doing so would put all of their lives in danger. He stepped over the tripwire at the front door, pushed it open slowly, and then walked out into the night air with his gun ready. A little stroll around the barracks will cure my boredom, he thought, and stepped over another tripwire as he started to make his rounds.

“Human?” a voice whispered, and as he spun to raise his gun at whatever it was, he heard the clicking of safeties being taken off multiple weapons.

In front of him was a muscular, brown-skinned woman, who looked like the stereotype of every female lead he knew from action movies. She had long, black, curly hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore a red bandana to hold it back. Her vascular arms were sweaty and slick and she stood confidently in a black tank top, baggy black cargo pants, and military-issue combat boots. The weapon she held pointed at him was similar to the one that James Knight used. It was a massive magnum pistol, the kind that would take his head off completely if she squeezed the trigger.

Behind her were men and women dressed in the black uniforms he recognized from the bunker when they first defended it against the demons. There were eight of them, but she was the only one unmasked. He dropped his weapon and held his hands up and she walked forward, placed the magnum on his chest, and shoved him back towards the barracks wall. There was something strangely familiar about her but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

She was older, hard to tell her age, but she could have been forty. She wore sunglasses, which made no sense since it was nighttime, and her skin held numerous scars from what must have been a lifetime of hardship.

“How many?” she grunted at him. “HOW MANY?”

“Wh-what? How many, what?” he stammered as she gripped his collar tightly and moved the gun up to his forehead. Her mannerisms indicated to Jaime that it took a lot of effort for her not to shoot him.

She knocked his leg to the side, spun at an angle, and slammed him so hard into the grass that he thought his windpipe would never open up as he struggled for breath. While he fought to regain his breathing, she turned him over and placed her knee in the middle of his back.

“So-sorry, I’m sorry,” he gasped as she put the gun to his head. He could feel the loose strands of her curly mass of hair on the side of his face as she loomed close to him.

“How many of you are in there?” she asked, and he could hear the hint of an accent in her voice.

“There’s si-six of—”

“Six of us in here, but only one matters if I pull this trigger, right?” a voice said from some distance away. “How about you let the man go, drop the gun, and act like a human being?” As Jaime looked back at where it came from, he could see a small red light dancing around – a light that he knew came from James Knight’s rifle.

The woman got up off him and stood up as her men shifted their focus out to the light. Jaime got up and placed his hands on his knees, coughing helplessly as he recovered. A sudden movement came from behind them as Koko flew into their midst. She grabbed the woman by her hair and placed her sword at her throat. It was so fast that Jaime made an audible gasp, and to a man, the darkly clad soldiers began to lower their weapons.

“Okay, okay, okay, you all made your point,” the woman said. “We don’t need to kill one another. We’re all human here, right? We were just being cautious. Come into the light, my friend. Let’s talk it out, okay?”

James Knight appeared and shone the light of his watch on the woman and her troops. He walked over, took her gun, and examined it. He looked up at her with surprise, then snatched her collar and pulled her in close.

“Where did you get this gun?” he asked.

She opened her mouth in response but no words came out.

One of the men in black tried to raise his gun to catch James off guard, but a gunshot rang out from one of the windows and struck him in the head, killing him instantly.

“I SAID STAND DOWN!” the woman lashed out, and then raised her hands to urge James to loosen his grip on her.

“I-I’m your little soldier, remember?” she whispered to him and James released his grip.

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