And Then We Had Chaos

Knights And Demons - Episode III

And Then We Had Chaos

When Alysia Knight used her sword to remove a demon from the world of men, she expected the result to be one of peace and a return to normalcy. Now the young woman is marked for death by the demon horde, which forces her to leave the safety of the bunker city, so that no one else will suffer from the curse placed upon her soul. Her exile on the outside will take her to places she could never imagine, but is it at the cost of giving up everything she loves?

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The small party trudged through the woods, bearing east beneath a sky that looked like an abstract work of art. It was all dark purple, splashed with hints of blue, and it would soon change to something wonderful when the sun came up. They didn’t speak, most of them tired and sleepy from a night of uncomfortable rest, but they had to leave, according to Jaime. Staying would only delay the inevitable.

Out of everyone who marched along through the well-preserved forest, James Knight was the most composed. He had been in places where the woods were wild and untamed, when the soldiers in his company stayed up 72 hours at a time and uncomfortable rest was all they knew. Compared to the missions he had undergone as a U.S. Navy Seal, this was literally a walk in the park—pun intended. He pulled them up short at what appeared to be a clearing, and got down on a knee. He then used the detachable scope from his pulse rifle to see what was in front of them.

“Don’t make a move!” he whispered and they all complied, too frightened to move an inch.

A slow rumbling sound caught them as a giant pushed past the trees, walking in a southwestern direction. He was small, about the height of a two-story building, and he walked so close to them that it took everything within Tracy not to react. When he was gone, James exhaled, and they all looked at one another with a mixture of fear and relief. The light from the dawning sun cut through the darkness and as they recovered their march, James spoke again.

“I think that the demons become giants,” he said, and they all looked at him.

“How did you come up with that one?” Tracy asked.

“Did you not look at the one that just passed us?” he said. “It had the red and black texture on its legs. We keep wondering where they come from… well, that is my theory. Some of them grow into giant men while the others just stay red.”

“That makes no sense,” Tracy said. “I think they are a different species altogether.”

But James didn’t want to argue, so he shrugged and kept them moving.

“You notice something?” Jaime asked. He hadn’t spoken since they set out, so everyone was curious as to what was going on inside his mind.

“No, what?” Tracy replied.

“It’s quiet; like, too quiet. I don’t hear the helicopters and jets in the air shooting anymore, or any guns or things blowing up. It sounds as if we gave up, or we lost the fight and all our soldiers are dead.”

“Not all of them,” James shouted back at him, but they knew he was right. Since the day when the monsters first attacked, they had heard the sounds of war going on all around them. Now it was quiet, and once the giant’s stomping had passed on into the distance, it had become very peaceful. It was a cruel illusion that masked the reality of their lives, and it begged to question where the U.S. military was.

“I bet they left us,” Jaime said to Alysia as they walked behind James and Tracy, who had sped up their own pace in order to have a private conversation.

“Who, my dad?” Alysia asked, looking at him to see if he was joking.

“No, I mean the government, the elite few with all the money in the world. The world goes to hell, they tell the military to get us into bunkers, and they rush to their escape boats and ship off to a safe house of some kind. Like maybe Antarctica.”

Alysia rolled her eyes and sped up to get away from him, but he caught up to her without saying anything.

“Is your stomach okay, Jaime?” she asked.

He frowned. “Yeah, I’m a little hungry, but I’m good. Why do you ask?”

“Because of the diarrhea of the mouth you have going on. Your imagination is immense; I’ll give you that, but safe houses in Antarctica? That just about says it all.”

“Okay, but when you find out that everything I’m saying is true, I’ll have a big fat ‘I told you so’ waiting for you,” he said.

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