Daughter of The Damned

Knights and Demons - Episode X

Daughter of The Damned

After saving New York from a demonic usurping, Alysia Knight wakes up in Yalem, a vicious and unforgiving demon world. As tensions between the Turevila and Erts come to a head, the Lord of Chaos, is ready for battle. Building an unstoppable army from the souls of the damned, Chaos will stop at nothing until he takes over.

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It was pretty evident that the supposed witch was extremely lonely, and Alysia provided the only real company that she had experienced in years. The mansion felt safe, and she didn’t feel as if she was imposing, so she relaxed and let Lenorela pamper her.

She looked up from her wine, at the tall cathedral windows of the dining hall at the sun that made the yellow sky glow and illuminate everything within the hall.

“You have a beautiful home, Lenny,” she said, using the new moniker that she’d given her friend, since Madame Lenorela Isora was a mouthful. “Outside it looks like a haunted house, but in here it’s a tidy palace. Fit for a beautiful red queen.” She winked.

“Flattery?” Lenorela coughed. “Why, CeeCee, are you trying to make me blush?” The two women laughed with genuine gusto but then Lenorela’s face grew solemn. “I’ve enjoyed these last few days more than any that I have had in the last decade, CeeCee. You are like the little sister I was meant to have, or the daughter I want to spoil rotten. But I cannot keep you here, even though everything within me wants to give it a try.”

“You aren’t keeping me here, Lenny. I love it here. The only thing missing to make this place perfect is a streaming movie collection, a jukebox, and my video game system.” She giggled at the thought, realizing that the wine was extremely strong.

“You are welcome to stay as long as you wish, CeeCee, but Chaos will find you eventually. Not unless we do what is needed to keep him out of Wildemont.”

“I was afraid you would say something like that. What could I possibly do to stop a demon as powerful as Chaos? He can teleport between worlds as easily as I can walk or run, and he seems to have agents everywhere.”

Lenorela leaned in closer so that Alysia could barely hear her. “He is blind to my magic, CeeCee, and I know what to do to stop him once and for all,” she said.

“How is that?” Alysia whispered. “And how can I help to bring this about?”

“Chaos made a big mistake by personally interfering with the taking of your world. He’s added himself to the history and therefore the things he has gained from his Turevila can easily be undone. Lancert, your father, has been trying to right the events of your world for several hundred years. He has tried everything from talking to your mother to placing explosives on the area where the portal opens from Yalem—”

“Wait. Are we talking time travel, Lenny?”

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