Dragon and The Ruby

Dragon and The Ruby

Knights and Demons - Episode VII

Dragon and The Ruby

Waking up in an ancient version of New Jersey, Alysia Knight finds herself without her Dragon ring and the sword, Euphoria. She is forced to fight for her life as the demons of Chaos seek her out vengefully. Meanwhile in Yalem, the witch Lenorela discovers a traitor exists, forcing her to employ dark and forbidden magic to rescue her friend as the window closes on Alysia’s survival.

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“Drink this, sweetheart, it will make you feel better. This is a horrible conversation for someone in pain.”

Alysia took the cup and sipped at it slowly. It was thick, as if flavored with a lot of honey, but bitter and grainy. She made to give it back, but Lenorela insisted she keep it, so she gulped it down and then handed her back the ornate black and gold cup.

“So again I ask, how is it you know that the portals will set my world back in order?” Alysia said.

“I told you I’m not sure it will, CeeCee, but we know it is doing something because Chaos is trying everything he can to stop me.”

Alysia wanted to ask more, but she wasn’t sure if Lenorela had the answers. She felt a deep exhaustion, as if she hadn’t slept in days, and she knew that the tea was the cause of it. On the more positive side of things, her pain had subsided, but the thought of never seeing her parents again made her want to scream.

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Lenny. I know that I ask a lot of questions,” she said.

“Nonsense, you should keep on asking them. I want you to be aware of everything, so that you can be fully prepared whenever things happen. Now get some sleep, let the medicine do its work. The sun of Yalem has healing properties, so its light will help you to recover.”

As Alysia slept that night, the dragon ring pulsed. She was deep into her sleep from the tea that Lenorela had given her, and it would have taken an earthquake to rouse her from her dreams. The ring pulsed again and she pushed off her covers, revealing a pair of muscular brown legs. She wore a nightie that once belonged to Lenorela, and on her feet were tall socks, placed there to keep her warm during the night.

Lenorela was nowhere close to see Alysia rise like the undead. She was in her own bed, deep in her dreams, and the library was soundproof, so even if she was awake she wouldn’t hear a thing. Alysia threw her legs off the cot, stood up suddenly, then froze. For ten minutes she simply swayed until the hand with the ring pulled her forward, leading her to that secret book.

A whisper came to her then, a gravelly voice with hints of humor in its tone. “Come to me, CeeCee. My wayward warrior. Let us see how you fare without the witch to guide you along. Oh, don’t forget your sword … did you forget your sword?” It began to laugh mockingly, as if it were the funniest joke it had ever heard.

She touched the book and it slid backwards, revealing the path down to the chamber of teleportation. Alysia had no light to navigate but the ring didn’t need it, and the warrior woman descended the stairs quietly, as if she had done it a hundred times.

When she was inside the chamber, she walked to the center of the room and stood wavering for over an hour. The ring brought up her hand, and a light began to form in her palm. It was no bigger than a penny at first, but grew to the size of a tennis ball within the span of a minute.

“Step into the light, CeeCee, and forget the ring,” the voice whispered to her once more. “You won’t be needing it where I’m taking you. No, leave it for Lenny. She will keep it nice and safe for you.”

When Alysia Knight stepped through the portal, the only evidence left behind was the dragon ring, wedged within a crack in the floorboards.

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