Euphoria and Bliss

Knights and Demons - Episode IX

Euphoria and Bliss

After thwarting an attack by a demon in disguise, Alysia Knight finds herself inside an ancient cave with her newfound friends. But time is not on their side. There is an ancient creature that has just awoken to learn of her plans to find the sword, Bliss. Alysia must hurry and claim the sword, to gain the power to destroy the V’Kosha once and for all.

Additional Information

With the light from Lancert’s ball, the path through the cave was very different from before. Instead of darkness and the frightening uncertainty of the way ahead, there was the spectacle of the cave itself. Old tunnels, built by natural events that led down to another world, buried by a war that was only remembered through legends.

Orwan and the other knights seemed awed by what they saw, but Alysia was still distracted. Her mind drifted on visions of her imagined past, and she wondered if a time would come when she would shed the Alysia Knight persona and be forever lost to this person Ambriel Ilyse.

She decided that losing her identity would be the equivalent of death. She was Alysia, after all, CeeCee to her friends, and “Baby Girl” to James Knight, her father. Becoming Ambriel Ilyse would make her last twenty-two years null and void, which was death; it was like being sent into oblivion.

Morbid thoughts crept into her mind and she thought on Yalem. Between Lancert and Chaos, she had learned that life moved on in her old world. Her father and mother had separate lives, and none of them knew of a girl named Alysia Knight. If she were being real about it, this was worse than death. She had never existed, and what she remembered was a mere transition in an old Ert’s afterlife.

She began to feel low, really low, and as they walked along in the silence, she realized that she no longer felt compelled to help any of them. Chaos returning her back to Earth was no longer a desire. Lancert giving her the truth … what was the point, really? There was no Alysia Knight, so her existence was only to their benefit.

“CeeCee!” Amarah touched her shoulder suddenly and Alysia was finally aware that she had been calling her. They stood on a precipice bordered by blackness, looking down at the top of a crooked staircase that led down into the void.

“Well, that’s not scary,” Amarah joked, but Alysia barely heard her and walked forward past Lancert to descend the stairs.

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