In The Service of Demons

Knights and Demons - Episode VIII

In The Service of Demons

When Earth’s savior, Alysia Knight, makes a deal with the Lord of Chaos, she embarks on an adventure that takes her into the dark netherworld of Yalem. Now, with time running out, Alysia must find the fabled sword, Bliss, and destroy the V’Kosha, or be stuck in the demon realm forever.

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“And let me guess,” Alysia said. “Your captain is hanging out in front of this haunted house.”

“Yes, you’re pretty sharp,” he said.

When they got to the Captain’s station, he was kneeling and the guardsman ran over to check on him. The large, bearded man could pass for human, but when he grimaced, Alysia saw a slight red glow beneath his skin.

He tried to talk but spat up blood and then his face grew pale and he slumped to the ground. Long, wet entrails spilled out of him like a family of bloated snakes, and he was no longer amongst the living.

The guardsman was shaking, but he spoke despite his fear. “Captain said that it is the house. This is where the curse—” He turned his head and vomited, a projectile of chunky, white fluid.

Amarah touched Alysia’s arm and motioned towards the door. “Bortex,” she announced, and the big demon ran forward, his massive shoulder a battering ram that threw the door off its hinges.

Bortex tripped over a fallen body as soon as he got inside, but nimbly rolled and pounced back to his feet, his giant sword in his hands.

It was dark inside, the one candle in the back barely piercing the black. Amarah and Cyrio dashed in after Bortex with their weapons drawn and Orwan knelt next to the guardsman to help him.

Alysia looked around. A small crowd had gathered, all of them wearing the mask of loss. She stepped inside the musty house to join the other Erts. Something tugged at her senses. It was so strong, she felt as if a tiny person was pulling at the hairs near her temple. The dragon ring grew bright red, warming her finger as it climbed her arm, encasing her in armor. She backed up and pulled Euphoria, probing the dark for anything that looks vaguely suspicious.

“That’s our Alysia, full of surprises,” Amarah said. “There’s corruption here, somewhere. I know I’m not the only one who can feel it.” She looked around at the others, and they began to walk into the various rooms of the cottage, trying to see if anyone was hiding. Amarah reached inside her pouch and pulled out a bit of leather. She unfolded it carefully, then took a pinch of the dust that was inside. She uttered a few words and threw it up into the air. They exploded into tiny sparks that hung all around them, illuminating the place like a fluorescent light bulb.

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