Phasers of Anstractor

It's Spy vs Spy - Intergalactic Edition

The Geralos Empire’s only obstacle in galactic domination is The Phasers of Anstractor.

The Phasers are an elite group of soldiers, hand-picked and re-educated with the secrets of the galaxy. Phasers can clone, teleport, jump to other galaxies, and technically live forever, but their most dangerous weapon is their secrecy. Nobody knows where they come from and how they are able to do the things that they do.

In order to defeat this secret organization, the Geralos must learn more about them. They send their best spy to find a way to infiltrate the Phaser Agency.

As Supreme Leader of the Phasers, Rafian VCA does not realize the threat. His marriage is on the rocks, a fellow pilot is missing, and his best friend doesn’t trust him enough to join the organization. With these distractions taking his focus off the war, the Geralos slip in easily and for the first time, The Phasers find themselves in danger.

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“Aurora, did you see that blip?” Aren TRU shouted to his fellow navigator. They were sitting at their posts, watching several large screens for any suspicious activity.

Aurora patted her afro nervously as she focused on the area. “There are always blips, Mister Paranoid,” she said, making a face. “It was probably a chunk of debris, floating close to the base.”

“It was moving pretty fast for debris,” he replied. His tan baldhead shone beneath the lights of the bridge. I wonder if it’s your brother doing one of those cool Phaser jumps or whatever.”

“I wish it were my brother. I haven’t seen him in months.”

As Aren and Aurora spoke, the tiny ship slid comfortably through Helysian’s shields and attached itself to the hull.

Maes Van Senthyn slipped on his skin suit and checked his reflection in the holo-display to make sure that he looked flawlessly human. He practiced his speech through an untested vo-corder and though he sounded good; he wondered if the people on board the Helysian would be convinced. He had no time to second-guess himself, so he took a deep breath and stepped through the rigged airlock. The blast doors slammed shut to protect the ship and he was onboard instantly. There was no turning back now, so he focused on his mission—he was to get onboard, blend in with the humans, and report on the Phasers.

The Geralos had chosen him for this mission because of his record. He was an unmatched spy and a brilliant practitioner of the martial arts. If any one of the humans or Meluvians were to see through his ruse, he would dispatch them quickly. There was to be no failure in this mission. The future of his people depended on it, and he was honored to have been the one chosen. He ducked behind a discarded torpedo when a few soldiers walked by. They were laughing and talking about the meal they’d just had so they paid very little attention to their surroundings.

I wish this were a standard mission so that I could slit their stupid, smooth throats, Maes thought to himself. But he let it pass. There would only be blood as a last resort. He waited until the hall was empty and then stepped out once more to look around.

“Wow! Now there’s something I haven’t seen in a long time,” a pretty, dark-haired cadet said when she saw the tall, pale-skinned man emerge from behind the torpedoes.

“Something wrong with my appearance?” he asked her shyly, and she giggled at how oddly he moved and spoke.

She couldn’t have been more than sixteen years old and Maes noticed that the 3B suit she wore looked extremely different from the one he was wearing. He had stolen it from the body of a fallen soldier during the takeover of an Alliance vessel several years back.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to be odd,” Maes said. “I am new here – really. I was on the ship Messio-tral before it got destroyed.”

The young girl gave him a sympathetic look and then led him out of the room and into a massive, well-lit hallway where humans, Casanians, and Meluvians were walking past one another en masse. It was the first time Maes had seen so many of them in one place and it was so much to take in that he almost panicked.

“You don’t like people, do you?” the young girl asked.

Maes permitted himself to shake his head in response. He had studied human behavior for months and had passed his tests with flying colors. Nevertheless, good grades and high marks did not translate smoothly to life, however, and after a time, he began to get many stares from the other humans.

“Why do you think they are laughing at me?” he asked the girl.

“My name is Jayne, what is yours?” she asked, ignoring his question.

“I am Sako,” Maes told her.  “Sako Trynessis. Pleasure to meet you, young Jayne of Helysian.”

“Sako, the funny way you talk, your odd stomp walk and that horribly old 3B suit you’re wearing … that is why they stare at you. You stick out like a Geralos!”

Maes panicked when she said this and stopped to drop into a defensive maneuver to thwart off anyone that would attack him now that she had blown his cover.

“The Geralos aren’t really here, silly,” Jayne said, shaking her head. “I was making a point. You’re a jumpy one. See, this is where everyone hangs out. This is where you can buy some new 3B that is of the times.” She chuckled. “And you can get a haircut, too. I’m not sure what they did on Missio-tral—those poor souls—but I can see that military fashion was not happening there.”

Maes thanked his young escort and took another breath to calm himself as he tried his best not to stick out. The girl had noticed his oddness too quickly so he knew he had to try harder.

He looked around. The place was a mall of sorts, with flashing lights, long lines and people speaking loudly—it was everything he hated about the Vestalians. He placed some credits on the panel of a sales kiosk and then watched them vanish as the machine ordered him to stand still. Within seconds, he was in a slick 3B suit of bright silver. Now he looked as stylish as the other young people that were on the ship; now he really fit in.

“That color suits you,” a baldheaded Meluvian said to him. She walked up and deposited her own credits to purchase a maroon and silver version. “How does this color look with my skin?” she asked.

“It looks very attractive on you, Miss …?”

“Ura, Ura Dohn. I’m the cadet commander. Funny, I would think you would know that.”

“Oh, I’m Sako – ma’am, pardon my manners. I am not from this ship. I was rescued and brought here after Messio—”

“A refugee? Wow, this must be a terrible time for you, Sako. I am so sorry for your loss!”

“Thank you, Lady Dohn, I appreciate you talking to me.”

“Lady Dohn? Wow, I like that. You hear that, children? This young man called me Lady Dohn. If you want extra points on your physicals, you should do the same,” she announced loudly to every cadet within earshot. Then she winked at Sako and made to leave the busy hub.

Maes felt good about the exchange. She was an adult Meluvian—a race with more acute senses than human beings—and she had not seen him for what he was, even when he’d made the dumb mistake of calling her “lady.” He continued to meet new people, his confidence growing as he did so. Within a week he would be just like them, indiscernible to anyone he came across. He got a haircut, moved into a dorm, and started taking military classes. It was very easy for him to get inside, even though he had no record on the Helysian file system.