Supreme Leader of Anstractor

When Anstractor needs him most, supreme leader Rafian goes missing--lost without a trace.

The Geralos are violently and ruthlessly taking over while the Phasers attempt to ward them off. But an inexplicable act teleports members of the Phasers to several places around the galaxy.

While millions of innocent lives are lost, the galaxy waits in hope that Rafian VCA will slow the Geralos wave. But Rafian is nowhere to be found. And his enemies are killing his friends one-by-one and uncovering all of his secrets along the way. Anstractor is not strong enough to stop the Geralos alone. Will the Phasers find a way to victory without their leader to guide them?

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THE SLEEK, cylindrical ship drifted silently over the trees of Geral as it deployed what looked like a mass of black orbs. These orbs were soldiers, balled up when shot from the hatch, but once out they spread their wings and drifted down to the planet like a shower of thick soot.

There were over a thousand of these drop ships, and the Louines that flew them were some of the best pilots in the galaxy. On the other side of the planet a number of Meluvian zip-ships flew into the atmosphere and engaged the Geralos’ defense. More drop ships flew past them to deploy Meluvia’s finest warriors. Almost every planet sent soldiers to invade Geral this day, and the Vestalian Army was with them.

The Louines—Anstractor’s leaders in technology—wore uniforms that looked and functioned like 3B suits. Their masks hid their faces, black, smooth shells that seemed aerodynamic in their design. To the citizens of Geral they looked like shadows as they ran into the cities shooting at anyone that was armed or aggressive.

The Geralos lizards saw all manner of soldiers coming at them, from the well-trained Louine elite to the colorful but deadly Casanian fencers. Before this night they had only dealt with humans and Meluvians, but now they saw Casanians, Genesians, Traxians and, surprisingly, the Louines!