About Greg Dragon

For all of the writing that I do in my daily life, when it comes to “biography”, “about me”, and “tell me about yourself”, I clam up. Why? Well, I’m just a quiet man that wants to put his craft in front of readers, to tell great stories, and to just quietly engineer this expressive process behind the scenes like the motor of a well designed vehicle. Yes, that’s it! Writing is my vehicle.

I was born on a tiny Caribbean island of about 2.8 million people, moved to the United States where I grew up in the sunny urban areas of Tampa, Florida. Throughout my youth, the one thing that has always been my reality is being a creator through my drawing, painting, writing, playing music, and performing. I’ve dabbled, dived, and experienced the joy of them all. Now as a man, somehow adding to the body of creative literature has bubbled to the top, and today I am more focused on writing. Yet, at the heart of everything that I have become, I am still a free-style painter, committing the beauty of my muse onto a canvas.

On the other hand, writing is a release for me; much like therapy through unmitigated expression. All of this is enveloped in my love of the discipline as a lifelong martial artist (hence the “Dragon” in my nom de plume), and a student of history. Professionally I am an entrepreneur, having worked in different facets of the web industry for over twenty years, and playing my hand in innovations and startups whenever there was an opportunity.

My resume aside, I’m not complicated. I am just your life-loving, Jazz listening, karate kicking, sword sharpening, video game junkie. Once you begin to read my stories I’m sure that much of this comes out. If you have any questions, or just want to connect with me on a personal level please feel free to contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by my little studio on the side of this busy highway called the “internet”. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? Have a wonderful day.