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CROOKED V.2 SciFi Crime Anthology

This anthology contains stories by C.E. Clayton, Austin Dragon, Jim Keen, G.J. Ogden, Patrick Swenson, Maddi Davidson, Kate Sheeran Swed, Frasier Armitage, Mark Teppo, E.L. Strife, Greg Dragon, William Burton McCormick, Erik Grove, Mark Niemann-Ross, Caitlin Demaris McKenna, R J Theodore, Andrew Sweet, and Jessie Kwak.

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Meet The Author

Greg Dragon | Author

I am Greg Dragon, author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Crime novels. Human stories of life, love, and relationships in settings both spectacular and mundane. Creativity knows no limit here. Welcome to my lair.

Appearances & Readings

Greg Dragon reads from his short story in the CROOKED V.2 anthology, “Case City Cowboy.”