Humanity’s Fear of The Machine… Is It Warranted?

In my book Re-Wired I wrote about the human race building androids to use as servants and lovers but restraining them from free-thought. The fear of Artificial Intelligence is a real fear after-all (as evidenced by this article). It is one of the most popular fears in Science Fiction–next to alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, and a meteor hitting the earth. We think that a superior computer will be developed in time, but we don’t want…

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Regarding Women’s Dislike of Brian Jackson

I am beyond confused on how I managed to write a character that men love–and somewhat get inspired by–but women absolutely hate. It was never my intent to evoke the sort of emotion from my female readership that comes about when it comes to discussing Brian. Women hate, hate, hate him, and those that make it to the end say that they love the writing but the lead character just makes them see red. For…

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