Nighthawk Ensign: Lady Hellgate Books 1-3

Nighthawk Ensign

This omnibus contains Last of the Nighthawks, Full Metal Heroine, and Half-Alien Warfighter - three diverse, action-packed, otherworldly adventures.

After losing her parents and joining the Alliance Navy, Ensign Helga Ate has proven to be special enough to be chosen for the prestigious Nighthawks Special Forces. But, tragedy strikes when her team deploys to a remote moon and gets put to the ultimate test – survival. Facing impossible odds, Helga and her team battle brain-eating aliens, human pirates, and treacherous spacers corrupted by the enemy.

Helga must prove herself as an ace operator, or she could end up being the last of the Nighthawks.

Helga made to run out but the Geralos vessel shifted positions. It started firing on the area right in front of her. The rocks exploded from the gunfire, and she pressed up quickly against the landing gear. The bullets had her PAS going ballistic as the computer tried in vain to find her some sanctuary.

It took everything within her not to pull her helmet off. The readouts obscured her peripheral vision and only added to the chaos. The Geralos fired a weapon that she was not familiar with, and though she couldn’t hear the bullets ricocheting off the Britz, she knew that it was all around her.

A voice was in her ear, screaming for her to move, and she recognized that it was Casein Varnes.

“Shield,” shouted Cage through their comms. Wyatt got behind him and threw up his hands. A large translucent disc formed from the device he thrust in the air. It shielded the Geralos bullets, allowing the Master Chief to mount his stargun.

Once it was in place, Horne Wyatt shifted positions, holding the shield at an angle while Cage brought his fire down on the Geralos zip-ship.

“Anytime now, Ate,” Varnes shouted at her again, but as much as she wanted to leave the wing, the Geralos wouldn’t let up. She looked over to where the Nighthawks were and saw Lamia Brafa touch his wrist. She thought that her helmet had a glitch because it looked as if he disappeared.

“Ate, come on, you have to move. They’re circling around,” Varnes said. Helga gripped her rifle and pulled it into her body as if it would provide her some protection. She waited for a break in the Geralos fire then dashed from under the Britz. Her PAS picked up the motion and the rockets came on, both in the soles of her boots and on the backpack that she wore.

She floated forward and into the air, not knowing how to stop the boost. Wyatt saw what was happening, jumped, and plucked her out of the air, pulling her down below his shield.

“What the hell just happened?” Helga said when she could finally catch her breath.

“Suit reacts to your thoughts,” Wyatt said, while urging her to get behind him. “Didn’t they teach you this stuff back in the academy, second class?” he said, and she resisted the urge to punch him in the back of his neck. He had risked his life, pulling her down from that fatal jump, so she took it on the chin and saved her anger for the Geralos.

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