• September 19, 2017

Cover Reveal: The Sigma Imperative

Cover Reveal: The Sigma Imperative

Cover Reveal: The Sigma Imperative 819 408 Greg Dragon | Author

Since starting The Sigma Imperative, I’ve wanted to write about 2,500 words a day. Why? Well, I have other things to write—to be quite honest—and they are like little voices inside of my head, constantly repeating, “Are you finished yet?”

When I’m on, I’m on, and 2,500 is a breeze, but with this third book I’m having a lot of breaks, some voluntary but most involuntary. Just last week hurricane Irma came through and wrecked the West Indies like a bull in a China shop. It isn’t even funny, the destruction it wrought, and we were pretty sure that we would get some of it here in Florida.

Luckily for us however, the damage was minimal, and we made it out with everything intact. I wrote during the whole thing, tap-tap-tapping away while the family “hunkered down” and was able to get right back on schedule with this book. Right now The Sigma Imperative is just about 70% complete. I still don’t know how it will end, and I’m unsure if the length will be longer or shorter than the former two, but I am in a good place, where the words will just flow.

So, to celebrate my writing so much, I went ahead and ordered the cover from Kerry Hynds at Aero Gallerie. Here’s the end result … what do you think? Personally I love it because it captures the dystopian reality of the story.

The Sigma Imperative - A Novel

I normally order my covers when I’m at a point in my writing when I know the words will just fall out of my head. Sometimes that’s at the start (as in the case with Re-wired), but sometimes its weeks after completion as was the case with The Judas Cypher.

Note to Authors About Ordering Covers:

The worst performing book covers that I have had to date were the ones where I gave the artist/designer literal instruction. I’ve found that it’s best to ask for two simple things:

  1. A cover that is similar to the books in the genre (provide examples of your favorite ones.)
  2. Preferences and dislikes, especially colors.

The one thing you want from your designer is creativity, and if you get in the way with micro management, you’re going to waste money on a cover. The books that I get kudos on don’t have covers based on my detailed explanation. They are what the designer came up with, based on me letting them spread their wings.

As a former graphic designer (I say former because I did it for a living, though I’m not too shabby now as a hobbyist), I can tell you that this is the best way. It is also why you don’t see me doing my own covers, which would be hours on end of nitpicking to perfection (I did the Knights and Demons individual covers and also Doom Squad, because they’re free).

The Sigma Imperative – What’s it about?

The Sigma Imperative is another thriller that has the onion effect as you get into it. We start with a small case, a kidnapping of a synth woman, and then as we get into it, more things start to pop up to complicate Dhata’s life. There’s a new group of bad guys, and they may be A.I. (scary right?) and Dhata will be in a position where it’s not so easy for him to act.

There is also a bit more romance between Dhata and Lur, but not so much as to annoy you in anyway. We also get to see a bit of vulnerability in the old skiptracer, as things fall apart while he’s investigating the kidnapping. There’s some familiar faces, like Hiro and Ariana, and new ones—where it’s necessary—some colorful, and some scary.

Locations are still Tampa and Cuba, but there’s a whole lot of Japan, and not just Tokyo. If you’ve read The Judas Cypher, and The Unsung Frame, you will not be disappointed in this third installment.

Release Date?

I’m shooting for November … that’s a hot month for book sales, and I’m hoping more people will be willing to give Dhata a chance. I love this series, and I am crazy about the world I’ve developed in Neo Tampa Bay, so I look forward to finishing it and sharing it with you.