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Writing Anywhere – Taking Advantage of the Digital Age

When people think of writers, I often wonder if the old image of someone bent over a typewriter still comes to mind. You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t…

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Cover Reveal: The Sigma Imperative

Since starting The Sigma Imperative, I’ve wanted to write about 2,500 words a day. Why? Well, I have other things to write—to be quite honest—and they are like little voices…

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The Judas Cypher – Turning A Failed Launch Into A Win

I can’t believe I’m here already, finishing up the rough draft for the sequel to, The Judas Cypher. This was a grittier take on a futuristic story, inspired by my…

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2016 – A Year in Projects

Although 2016 has sucked, HARD, for taking away many of the artists and celebrities that I grew up loving, it has been a wonderful year for me as a writer.…

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The Factory – Gun Moll – Teaser: Meeting The Mob

From the author: I’m not sure yet if I’m keeping this chapter, or even going down this road with Gun Moll. I wanted to mix Brian up with some real…

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Anstractor the New Phase Trilogy is Finished

Three years ago, I converted a short story entitled “The Chronicles of Raf” into a full length novel by the name of Anstractor Vestalia. I wrote Chronicles of Raf several…

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Salty With A Side of Spoilers – Why I Don’t Read Reviews

If you love my books, please, leave a review so that I can sell more. If you have a critique that you actually want me to see, send me an…

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Indie Publishing is An Ocean Not A Cool Club

“For every jerk that I have met, there have been five others that are actually nice, helpful people.” I was never one of those kids that needed to fit into…

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Knights and Demons – Afros, Art and Inspiration

Knights and Demons features the first of hopefully many illustrated covers that I’ve purchased for my published books. The artist for the cover featured  is Angela Schmer (check out her…

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Random Thoughts on Marketing and Writing

Strange as this may sound, I found it hard to start this post because I feel like I am still an ignorant Freshman in the game. Not “new” in terms…

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