Half-Alien Warfighter

Half-Alien Warfighter - A Space Adventure

After returning to the Rendron with her battle weary Nighthawks Special Forces, Helga Ate is ready for some rest and relaxation. But once they can finally breathe and feel as if they are out of harm’s way, the Rendron is ambushed again.

But who could’ve known that they were home and safe? Unless, someone on the inside had other plans…

The treachery is far deeper than Helga and the Captain ever imagined. Can Helga and her Nighthawks find the traitor in time to save the crew, or will the next ambush be the last one?

It was like flying into a cloud of gnats, trying to avoid them to preserve her shields. Helga slipped through their laser fire by staying close to the hull, and since the Classic was a third the Britz-SPZ’s size, it was much easier to do.

She baited an overzealous pilot to fly amongst the batteries, but he recognized the danger and pulled away to chase a less talented fighter. Helga came about and bore down on him, blasting past several enemy ships. The Geralos ace grew wise and broke off to force a chase. Two more zip-ships fell on her flank, completing the pattern of bait and destroy.

Had they known that she was relying on this, they would have broken off immediately and left her alone. Helga flew towards their destroyer, shunting everything to shields, pulsing shots from her weakened cannons to keep the marked one running.

One of the Revenants that was dominating several Geralos left the maelstrom of laser fire to bail Helga out. She tried to wave him off by waggling her wings and yelling on the open comms, but the pilot didn’t listen, and when they grew close, Helga saw that it was her good friend, Joy Valance.

“Ate, what are you doing?” she said.

“Getting those things away from mother,” Helga shouted. She was getting close to the destroyer, which forced a number of its cannons to focus on her ship. “A zip got into our hangar, Lieutenant. Luckily it crashed, but it killed a lot of people. If you command your squadron to draw them away from Rendron, we can buy some time to possibly charge up a torpedo.”

An alarm screamed when Helga was struck by several shots from her pursuers, and the ship she was chasing became emboldened and tried her trick of flying between the cannons. They flew into the dark wall that was the hull of the Geralos warship, pulling up at the last minute where Helga put more fire on the zip-ship’s thrusters.

Although this was a destroyer, with cannons pumping out energy blasts, Helga followed the zip-ship with little concern for her life. She rolled one way and then the other, dodging the big guns as she gained his flank. He maxed his shields, which were all but depleted by Helga’s energy cannons, and she slipped power to her thrusters, reducing her defenses to nothing.

“Have you lost your thyping mind?” Joy screamed into the comms. “What are you doing, Ate? You need to break off!”

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